You won’t have to make a contract to own this latest piece of Madoka Magica merchandise, though you might wish you had.

If you’ve ever looked at the ill-fated Mami’s musket with envy, have no fear for you will finally be able to own a 1:1 replica of her weapon. On sale for 15,560 yen with tax included, you may not be able to create your own Tiro Finale without dropping some cash. (Check out even more Madoka Magica here on SGCafe)


Made out of ABS to better create the feeling and look of her rifle, which measures officially at 113 centimeters, it will be available in December.


As a bonus, Rena Matsui of SKE48 and Rina Ikoma of Nogizaka46 cosplayed as Madoka and Homura recently. In the comparison it’s almost as if they’re 1:1 scale as well.


For those ready to take the plunge and fight off witches, Mami’s musket is available for preorder here.

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Source: Yaraon!


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