The summer edition of WonFes 2013 certainly gave us a lot of awesome figures ranging from the cute to the sexy to the cool to the beautiful to the weird as big names like Bandai, Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya and many more all strut their stuff and gave figure enthusiasts something to look forward to.

Hatsune Miku has always been a huge part of Wonfes and WonFes may never be complete without a single Hatsune Miku figure spotted among the hundreds of soon-to-be-released figures. However, there is one Miku figure that particularly sticks out; Union Creative’s Calne Ca. (Read more on our Wonfes 2013 coverage as well as Vocaloid here on SGCafe)

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The figure of one of Hatsune Miku’s “derivatives” certainly is scary with 6 insect-appendages coming out of Miku’s mouth.Her left hand is presented as a skeleton while her right is presented as a robotic arm with claws. Her red right eye and her robotic left eye as well as her sea louse hair decoration add to the figure’s creepiness appeal. Her legs are also robotic.

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Another scary Hatsune Miku variant is Ca, and this scary nurse version of Calne Ca also has a figure slated for release. Let’s put it this way, Silent Hill ain’t the only one having a scary nurse.

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Both Calne Ca and Ca are created by artist Kotaro Maeda or more popularly known as Deino who is known for his disturbing CG artworks. Calne Ca has officially been recognized by Crypton as a Hatsune Miku derivative. Calne Ca is a mechanized skeleton with a Hatsune Miku skin and appears in several songs like Machine Muzik and Mokuro Attack!!

Both the Calne Ca and Ca figures featured during WonFes 2013 (Summer) are manufactured by Union Creative and are set for release during Spring 2014.


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