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Dragon’s Crown, for those of you not keeping track, is Atlus and Vanillaware’s highly-anticipated 4-player 2D action RPG that’s coming out in Japan tomorrow, July 25, for the PS3 and PS Vita. A US English release is also slated for August 6.

Here in Singapore (as well as several other Asian territories), an Asian Japanese version will be released locally tomorrow, July 25. An Asian English release, whose contents will likely be identical to that of the US English version, will also be sold in stores here around August 6.

Over the next couple of days, SGCafe will be running a series of posts that are designed to guide gamers through the Japanese version of Dragon’s Crown (for those of you who decide to get that one), but also serve as a preview of sorts for those of you who plan to pick up the English version two weeks from now.

We’ll try and keep the spoilers to a minimum – there are some really cool bosses here. The Lost Woods’s B path boss, in particular, needs to be seen for yourself.

If  there are any questions you have on Dragon’s Crown, I’ll gladly take them here via the comments below… and now, on with the show!


Replay value in Dragon’s Crown

Today, we’ll start by taking a look at how deep the game is, in terms of replay value.

When you first get your copy of the game, you won’t be able to jump into online games right away – that has to be unlocked first. Specifically, you need to first unlock all nine stages of the game, and fight bosses ranging from Lv1 to Lv 17, in order to get to the part where online play is allowed.

Once you’ve played all nine dungeons for the first time, you’ll unlock online mode, as well as B paths for each of the nine stages. All the A path bosses (whom you’ve previously defeated) will also be upgraded to their Lv17 versions.

You’ll beat the game for the first time at around Lv30-35 (there is a Lv cap of 35 for Normal mode), at which point you’ll unlock Hard and Inferno difficulties, which have level caps of 65 and 99 respectively. Each mode will also introduce new regular enemies.

After beating Normal mode, you also unlock two extra features: the Labyrinth of Chaos, which challenges you to clear three rounds of randomly-generated dungeons for a chance to earn a rare item, as well as the PvP Arena:

Labyrinth of Chaos (minor spoilers from 10:00 mark onwards)

PvP Arena

That’s it for now!

Check back later today for a brief rundown for all six playable classes in Dragon’s Crown. Also stay tuned here on SGCafe for more coverage on Atlus and Vanillaware’s hot co-op beat-em-up action-RPG whatchamacalit.

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