Fans of Super Sonico, K-On and OreImo can stay dry this summer with new umbrellas being put out by fan company Seasonal Plants.

Just in time for the summer convention season, three types of umbrellas featuring the girls from K-On, Kuroneko and Kirirno from Oreimo and Nitroplus’s Super Sonico are going up on sale. The umbrellas, which take after the same category as itasha and itachari and are called itagasa, are a way for fans to show their love for the series while still staying dry in the summer rains. (read more on SGCafe about K-On and Oreimo).

The K-On set of umbrellas is based specifically on the K-On! Movie that premiered last summer. It will come in two sizes: a mini-umbrella that measures 11 centimeters and sells for 1785 yen, and a 58 centimeter version for 9450 yen. It features three different designs, with the mini umbrella showing off the similarities between Azusa and Mio and one version of the larger umbrella features the girls jumping in front of the Union Jack. For fans that want to show off their affection for the girls to the extreme, a version of the 58 centimeter version also features them in dresses, looking out at the camera and cuddling close along the edges of the umbrella.


Oreimo fans have the same size options as K-On fans, but two mini-umbrellas to chose from at a slightly higher price of 2100 yen. One will feature Kuroneko by herself, while the other will show off her beach gear alongside Kirino. Summer continues in one of the larger umbrellas, where Kuroneko and Kirino make a victory pose. The other version of the large umbrella forces fans to remember that it rains in winter as well, as Kirino and Kuroneko don their winter uniforms for another photoshoot inspired illustration.


The Super Sonico set will have one additional size sold at Comiket and WonderFes this summer: the 75 centimeter parasol that will retail for 12000 yen. At the largest size it also offers the most summer oriented illustration: Sonico in a bikini, strumming away at a melting chocolate guitar. In the next size down she still strums away at her guitar, this time bashfully checking it’s tuning in her headphones. As for the mini umbrella, it features Sonico side by side herself on opposite halves of the umbrella, with a chibi version chewing away at a heart.


The umbrellas are being promoted on YouTube and NicoNico as well in a video that shows off their performance and looks on a rainy day.

Each of the 58 centimeter umbrellas comes with a carrying case, and can be found for purchase at the Season Plants site.
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