When news came of the Fairy Tail anime’s sudden end, many of the series’ fans were shocked as they did not see that one coming. By the time the anime ended, it was already nearing the climax of the Daimatou Enbou arc and this resulted to a lot of disappointed fans.


Many fans have been left wondering if Fairy Tail’s  anime adaptation would go down the route of Hiro Mashima’s other popular manga, Rave Master, whose anime also ended abruptly. Let’s put it this way, both anime adaptations for Hiro Mashima’s works have ended when it was just getting good leaving fans severely unsatisfied. (For more Fairy Tail here on SGCafe, click here)

But fret not for Fairy Tail’s anime adaptation will indeed be coming back. In his twitter account, Fairy Tail’s manga author himself, Hiro Mashima announced the anime’s much anticipated return. He has been so thankful to the fans since according to him, it is because of them that Fairy Tail will be getting a second series.


ft tweet

Mashima even tweeted in English that he will now “start the sequel of the anime”. He is letting the whole world know that the anime is coming back.


With Mashima himself announcing it on twitter, there is no doubt we will see more of Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Gajeel, Wendy, Juvia, Happy, Charle, Lily and the rest of the rowdy Fairy Tail guild in the future. No word as to when the anime will return has been announced as of this moment though.

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