The one-shot crossover one-shot  from April 2011’s Magazine Special is finally receiving an anime adaptation, and a PV from Kodansha is ready to show it off.

The Fairy Tail and Rave (Rave Master) anime may have ended already, but they will be making one last appearance together on DVD. The PV for it is below, so get ready to get your rave on. (Read more about Fairy Tail here on SGCafe)

As you can see, Natsu and Haru are back along with their friends to fight the good fight against evil…or in this case, each other after a misunderstanding about events in a casino lead Natsu to believe Elie is his target. Both Fairy Tail and Rave were written by Hiro Mashima, and the later manga to be published, Fairy Tail, makes several references to it. Mashima makes no attempt to hide that fact in the crossover either, as it only leads to further confusion for the characters.


But will that confusion be cleared up? Or will they remain enemies in the end? All of that is set to be revealed on August 16, when the DVD will be released as a bundle with Fairy Tail volume 39. It will retail for 1980 yen, which is a bit more than what the manga usually goes for, but for fans of the mangaka it may be worth it.

ftxrave2 copy

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