The popular Cure Maid cafe in Akihabara has always been known for implementing some great anime themes into their menus.

They have done several collaborations with anime like OreImo and Love Live! in the past. Now, let’s take a peek at their latest scrumptious anime collaboration, Fantasista Doll. (For more anime here on SGCafe, click here)

This limited edition menu will only be available from August 2 (Friday) until August 18 (Sunday). The menu will incorporate some dishes and drinks beautifully plated with a certain Fantasista Doll character in mind.

The Uzume Uno: Iced tea, grenadine and Calpis Soda mix with raspberry cubes


The Sasara: Calpis Soda base with mango source, garnished with sword and jelly star

130711-07 203403

The Shimeji: Grapefruit juice base with peach syrup garnished with whipped cream and sugar flowers

130711-08 207225

The Katia: Lemon Soda and syrup cocktail with shaved ice topped with silver garnish

130711-09 207223

The Akari: Iced Coffee and strawberry milk mixture with the glass decorated with a black lace

130711-10 207229

The Madeleine: Yoghurt drink mixed with grape syrup and comes with a stirring rod with an attached bead work.

130711-11 207227

The Kagami Totori: Ginger Ale base with Blue Hawaii syrup and comes with a stirring rod with an attached bead work.

130711-12 213775

Well, now that we have seen the drinks they have to offer, let’s see the food!

Let’s start with a plate of pasta, shall we?

Here is the Shimeji cold Aglio Olio. Aglio Olio is basically your basic pasta with olive oil, but this special Shimeji version comes with some shimeji mushrooms and some nice pink “flower petals”. It may look basic, but as we learned back in culinary school, the pasta is the star, any sauce that accompanies it is nothing but a condiment. It is served with a side of salad.


Now, when you hear the word carbonara, what comes into mind? That’s right, pasta! But this Sasara Carbonara ain’t pasta at all, it’s actually a rice dish with some gooey egg on top (well… Carbonara is egg-based). Like the Himeji Aglio Olio, it’s served with a salad on the side.


Now, onto dessert! Let’s start with the special Fantasista Donuts which are served with a side of espresso ice cream. These special donuts come with five themes to choose from; Sasara, Shimeji, Madeleine, Katia and Akari. You can also have some add-ons to this dish like an extra donut, a taiyaki, extra whipped cream and two scoops of ice cream.

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Finally, we have the Rafflesia no Kimi Parfait based on the mysterious man observing Uzume.

1374643229_3_3_01d1abed0e55420b3f89c9bf0278ed0d51ef671e Fantasista Doll - 01 - Large 39

Besides the food and drinks, Cure Maid Cafe will also be distributing Fantasista Doll postcards to customers who avail of the collaboration.

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A Fantasista Doll glass will also be sold at the cafe for 1,050 yen.


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