The annual Summer Comic Market, which is more popularly known as Comiket, is one of the most highly anticipated Otaku events in Japan. The annual event celebrates doujinshi (fan works), anime, manga, cosplay and video games and has pretty much become a pilgrimage not just for fans all over Japan but also the world.

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With Comiket 84 looming, anime merchandise retailer Cospa has announced their Summer Comiket line-up. They are selling tons of stuff and they are putting up ten booths during the event, with each booth selling a different item bundles and sets from various series. From classics like Akazukin Chacha to the more recent series like Fantasista Doll, Cospa is certainly not pulling any punches. They are selling caps, bags, shirts, fans, key chains and many more. Here are some of the items in store for people visiting Comiket 84.

Love Live!

Only 100 neck ties of each Love Live! character were made by Cospa and are going to be sold exclusively during Comiket 84.

item-lovelive-kisekaebagitem-lovelive-honokanekutai  item-lovelive-kotorinekutai item-lovelive-uminekutai


Cospa only made 100 Kirino and 100 Kuroneko neckties so better hurry. They will only be sold during the event.

item-oreimo-kaminekofullt item-oreimo-kirinobag item-oreimo-kuronekobag item-oreimo-kirinokuronekosensu item-oreimo-kirinonekutai item-oreimo-kuronekonekutai item-oreimo-shishushirt

Sword Art Online

Remember that Asuna Cap we featured on an earlier article? That one is a limited edition Comiket exclusive and Cospa only made 300 of them.

item-sao-asunabag item-sao-cap item-sao-eyemask item-sao-koryakusensu item-sao-rifabag


item-haganai-shishushirt item-haganai-tenshi item-haganai-kobatobag item-haganai-senabag item-haganai-yozorabag

Akazukin Chacha

This t-shirt is a limited edition item and Cospa only made 100 of them.


To Aru


Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai

item-chuni-kyokutosensu item-chuni-rikkacushion item-chuni-rikkafullt item-chuni-workshirt

Little Busters!

item-litbus-kyosukedaki item-litbus-rindaki

Hentai Ouji


[email protected]

All [email protected] straps are limited edition and they only made 765 sets for each product and are Comiket 84 exclusives.

item-imas-rankosensu item-imas-sachikosensu

item-imas-tumamare1 item-imas-tumamare2 item-imas-tumamare3

Little Witch Academia

item-lwa-mug item-lwa-toto

Rozen Maiden



item-kon-sishushirt item-kon-yuibag

Fantasista Doll, Hyperdimension Neptunia and GJ-Bu body pillows

item-fd-uzumedaki item-nepu-nepudaki item-nepu-nowadakiitem-gj-daki2item-gj-daki1



 and finally, Jormungand

Wait, what?!


The summer edition of Comiket will surely be packed as it has been every single year as thousands of otakus from all over the world gather for the highly anticipated event. The world’s largest doujinshi fair will be held from August 10-12 at where else? The Tokyo Big Sight.

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