With the premiere of Gintama the Movie: Final Chapter – Be Forever Yorozuya earlier this month, anime goods seller Froovie has taken advantage of the opportunity by releasing tons of all new Gintama inspired merchandise. And when I say tons, I mean tons. 

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Check this out – for those of you that are into cosplay and want to strut your stuff during an upcoming anime convention, now you can as Future Kagura and Future Hijikata. Including the socks and gloves, the Future Kagura outfit is 18,900 yen. The Future Hijikata outfit is 12,600 yen.

gintama2 gintama3 gintama4 ginatama5

If you prefer smaller trinkets, there are many to choose from. The Gintama pocket watch is 3,675 yen, the tapestry is 3,150 yen, the stickers are 420 yen, the charms are 945 yen, the clear file folder is 365 yen, and (breathes) the notepads are 525 yen. Personally, I like the Gintoki tassle charm, since that color of sky blue is just gorgeous!

gintama6 gintama7 gintama8 gintama9 gintama10 gintama11 gintama12 gintama13 gintama14 gintama15 gintama16


To break up the flood of cute and cool goods, allow me to show you something a little bit freaky. Although Elizabeth seems like a cute enough character in the show, the Elizabeth mask is anything but. For 4,980 yen, you can have the Elizabeth mask and, I don’t know, be all creepy with it.



And now onto the plush dolls! There are mini and full-sized versions, so just pick your preference. The mini ones are 1,260 yen each.

gintama17 gintama18 gintama19 gintama20 gintama21

The full-sized plush dolls are 2,625 yen each. And, you can also get a costume plush for 4,179 yen. They are just too adorable, and despite the price, if I were to get a plush doll, I’d get one of the costume options. If you plan on buying any of this merchandise, just be careful with how you wield the Elizabeth mask.

gintama22 gintama23 gintama24 gintama25 gintama26 gintama27 gintama28 gintama29 gintama30

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