With preorder tickets on sale for next Madoka movie in October, preorder goods are being released and this time it’s not just Madoka that’s a goddess.

Madoka’s goddess form has proven to be popular enough that she’s received several figures just of that. With ticket orders opened recently, she won’t be the only one with a goddess state anymore. Instead, each of the main girls will be receiving their own god form in the preorder bonus posters. (For more on Madoka Magica at SGCafe click here).


Homura of course looks rather shy in her elevated form. She’s using the same weapon she uses in the series, rather than the black bow she has been seen with in promos for the latest film. Mami is head-over-heals lovely, hiding her signature rifle in the background day lillies. Her hair is tinted slightly green to match the color scheme of the card.


Sayaka give fans a delicate yandere smile as she brandishes her sword. Like Mami, her hair is a slight gradient to yellow to match the colors of the flowers in the background. Kyoko is also on board, holding her chain-spear close in a pensive look. There’s no food present in this poster scene, though, only clouds.


The October 26 movie Madoka Magica The Rebellion Story promises to wrap up the trilogy and give fans a new story, something they’ve asked for since the original finale of the show.

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