To help promote the new remake of the classic Godzilla film, TOHO teamed up with Legendary Pictures to offer a one of a kind chance for attendees of this year’s event.

Although the film is slated for release in May next year, Legendary Pictures is wasting no time in promoting it to the audience it knows it has to pull in: the fans. San Diego Comic Con 2013 pulls in a large audience of American and international fans of pop culture for a weekend of panels and announcements. This year, though, there was an added attraction for fans of Japan’s most famous kaijuu: Godzilla. (Read more about Comic Con here on SGCafe!)


After renting out a warehouse and spreading the word online, fans were treated to a sneak peek of what’s to come and a blast from the past. The interior of the warehouse was completely redesigned to look like one of the many Tokyo streets Godzilla destroys during his rampage in the original films. Of course, fans who waited hours in line were probably hungry by the time they reached the indoor exhibit, so Shindo’s Ramen was there to provide, untouched by the carnage around.


It wasn’t the only thing untouched in the carnage either, as TOHO, completely supportive of the remake of their fan classic, provided classic props from the first film as well as a complete collection of the Godzilla franchise to put on display.


The original oxygen destroyer was also sent to Legendary to use, and was set up among the rubble in the exhibit.


If seeing the original end for Godzilla wasn’t enough, the original costume was also loaned for display. It may not look all that intimidating, until you compare it to the unknowing woman in the background.


After taking in the classic series and a version of Japan made with respect, something that Legendary knew to handle with care, attendees could take an elevator to the second part of the exhibit designed after a pavillion. While there they were given a first glimpse at the newest incarnation of the classic monster.


If you weren’t one of the lucky people to grab a pass to Comic Con 2013  before it sold out in a record 90 minutes, you can view fan reactions and pictures at the Godzilla Encounter website here.

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