WonFes is just around the corner, but that isn’t stopping Good Smile from offering preorders and looks at some of their new products.

With the Figma and Nendoroid line under their belts, Good Smile keeps itself busy by keeping fans happy. From VOCALOID to Black Rock Shooter, they’re putting up preorders and previews for the wonders at WonFes 2013. (Read more about Good Smile here on SGCafe!)

First up is the figma of Strength from the anime version of Black Rock Shooter. She comes bundled with her heavy hitting fists and a normal set of arms, but to fully pose her arsenal it will also bundle with an additional stand.


Her hood is also removable so you can see her face better, but if her normal complacent expression is too calm there’s another bonus. Just in case you want to experience all of her crazy rage, her insane expression is a swappable option. She can be preordered on amazon.jp.


Ranka Lee from Macross F is also up for preorder now. As can be expected, she comes with her diva microphone to give you a personal concert. To enhance that concert experience, she comes with a special stand to look like her floating stage.


Fans hoping to recreate her most famous pose also won’t be disappointed as the face and arms are included to give that perfect “Kira!” look. You can preorder her on Japan’s Amazon or Good Smile website.


Finally, they have unveiled the prototype of the Miku 2.0 figma. Close in size to normal figma’s, she will be slightly larger than the original version. As you have probably noticed  her hair is also slightly more transparent than the original version and the silver in her outfit has been highlighted. Although not currently up for preorder, Miku should be making an appearance at WonFes.


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