It’s almost Summer Wonfes and the hard working people over at Good Smile Company can’t help but tease us with what’s to expect.

They may also be selling some great GSC WonFes exclusive goods like the 1/8 Kurisu white lab coat ver. and the Mika & Rika Jougasaki figmas, but expect that they will also be giving us a preview of their future line ups during the event which starts tomorrow, July 28. (For more on Good Smile Company here on SGCafe, click here)


Now, one of GSC’s most recognizable employees, Mikatan, has posted in her blog several teaser images that will surely get you excited not only for what’s in store during the 2013 Summer Wonfes but also when these figures will actually be released as well.

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She also revealed that the GSC booth over at Summer Wonfes will also be selling a cute orange plastic model named T.O.T.E.M Thug Suit V.1. This cute little mecha costs 1000 yen and if you want an awesome poster to go along with it, it will cost you 1500 yen.


They will also be selling several awesome Shingeki no Kyojin stickers featuring all four military divisions that protect humanity and keep the peace within the walls during Wonfes. Each sticker costs 500 yen and is sold at the GSC goods store which is different from their figure store.


Speaking of Shinkgeki no Kyojin, the Colossal Titan is coming and is that… a nendoroid MIKASA?!


Looks like a Magical Girl, Madoka Kaname perhaps?


Guess who? Clue: Her name is the name of the legendary shield from ancient Greek mythology.


It’s not my fault I’m not popular!!!


Gee… I wonder who this one is? It’s sooooooo not obvious…


Why are you hiding in there little one?


Here’s the Makoto Naegi nendoroid we previewed here at SGCafe


And check out the other figures that GSC will be displaying during WonFes 2013 (Summer)

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 Well, certainly the guys over at Good Smile Company are working really hard and with these teasers from Mikatan. WonFes will surely be a blast!

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And just in case you guys couldn’t figure any of them out, here’s a tiny hint for some of them


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From Mikatan


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