Let’s see, we’ve got the famous White unit 1 piloted by Banagher Links, the black unit 2 called “Banshee” and now, a new Unicorn Gundam is about to be unveiled.


The latest Gundam equipped with the NT-D will be unveiled in Odaiba’s famed Gundam Front Tokyo which is located in Diver City Tokyo Plaza. A new animated feature will be shown in Gundam Front Tokyo’s “DOME-G” on August 3 and it will feature the newest Unicorn Gundam, the “Fenix”. (more on Gundam here at SGCafe through this link)

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To celebrate this event, Gundam Front Tokyo is also selling several new exclusive merchandise including a new HG model kit! The new HGUC will be none other that the Unit 3 itself, the Fenix and this new gunpla kit will be a Gundam Front Tokyo-exclusive item. The HGUC 1/144 Unicorn Gundam Unit 3 Fenix (Destroy Mode) Ver.GFT will be released the same day as the reveal which will be on August 3 and will cost 2,500 yen.


Besides the new HGUC kit, Gundam Front Tokyo will also be selling other new exclusive Gundam merchandise like T-shirts (comes in different colors like black, white, and dark blue and costs 2000 yen), Char’s red potato chips (costs 900 yen), Gundam black rice sesame cakes (costs 1000 yen), and sticky notes (costs 350 yen each).

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