An ambitious fan has taken on a difficult task recently: taking a standard Gundam figure and recreating it in wood.

YouTube user jyujyunosoke recently uploaded his first video to the site, and it certainly has fans buzzing. After all, he recently used wood to recreate a small scale Gundam figure. To put it in perspective, here’s a shot of the Gundam’s head next to a one yen coin (More Gunpla goodness here on SGCafe!):


Now here’s a shot of the gun he sculpted, compared with a toothpick and the original arm to show off just how thin the wood he cut was.

gundam2 copy

Each of the parts that make up the completed Gundam had to be cut and sanded individually from materials like chopsticks and small wooden stakes. Where the darkened parts of the Gundam are, each part was set over a candle until the perfect hue was set.


And what did he use his newly built wood Gundam for? To guard his collection of toothpicks from anyone attempting to try the same in his house.


You can watch the full build of the wooden counterpart in the video below.

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