Starting from July 16 this year, NTT Docomo will be using its SmartAR technology to give beloved virtual idol Hatsune Miku her very own AR stage at the Metro Hat in Roppongi Hills.


This is part of a joint effort between NTT Docomo and Sony Computer entertainment for the promotion of the upcoming Hatsune Miku and Xperia smartphone collaboration. The result is “Hatsune Miku AR Stage” where users of Android smartphones or tablets (sorry iphone users), or a Playstation Vita will be use the AR app to see a live performance of livetune’s song “Packaged.” (more on Miku here at SGCafe through this link)


For those unfamiliar with AR (augmented reality) technology, it is a type of view that takes the real world view that you would regularly see and adds something to supplement or “augment” it.


In this case, users will be holding their AR enabled device’s camera to the AR marker and then add the data that’s on that image to your device to combine virtual reality and reality into one.


This event also comes with a special deal for the first 1500 people to get there. As thanks to all those Android smartphone or tablet users, in addition to being able to view “Packaged,” the first 1500 people will be able to download a short version of the new remixed version of “Packaged,” “Packaged (Shipping in 2013 remix).” The event is 6 days long and lasts from July 16 to 21, from 7:30pm until 11pm. Be sure to swing by Roppongi Hills if you’re in the area!

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Source: Famitsu


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