The girls of Houkagou Tea Time were seen flighting off Titans with their very own 3D maneuver gear on Monday. At least, their figures were.

Mugi, Azusa and Mio figmas were all geared up to fight Titans, and with a little papercraft magic and velcro they looked like they could join the ranks of the 104th. Yui and Ri-chan most likely made it as well, though as one fan in the comments put it “they were probably eaten.” Even Azusa’s twintails were put to use, donning drills that looked as if they could pierce the heavens to help her swing around, and backing up her already impressive arsenal of a candy red apple Mustang ’69.


Mugi, most likely seeing something that set her fujoushi heart ablaze, faces down a Colossal Titan with some makeshift duct tape blades. She’s so battle ready, that as poster 289 remarks, she seems like she could fit right into the show. Even if she looses her blades she’s willing to improvise, using a folding chair as a weapon. (Read more about K-On on SGCafe here).


Even Mio trades in her signature jazz bass for a pair of blades as the three remaining HKK members make their final stand. Who will survive? Who will find themselves a snack for a Titan? That much isn’t clear, but they will certainly look as cool as possible doing it.


Other commentators on the pictures were quick to point out some other humorous things. 281 points out that they wish they had a butt like Azunyan’s, while another, commentator 292, encourages Mugi to go for the weak-point at the neck.


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