Have you ever watched the anime ‘IS: Infinite Stratos‘? You know, the one with those girls in powerful, futuristic exoskeletons fighting each other as a sport?

Well, it may become a reality one day. Japanese electronics manufacturer Segawa has already fired the first salvo.


Sagawa Electronics has recently developed the Power Jacket MK 3, an exoskeleton that looks like it could be the precursor for Izuru Yumizuru’s popular IS: Infinite Stratos light novel series.

Some guy covered in scars named Scarface Santaro revealed the new exoskeleton with (what else?) a Japanese school girl. He promised that this will be the very first commercial power suit in the world and they are making FIVE. Yes, five, that’s one for Charlotte Dunois, one for Laura Bodewig, one for Cecilia Alcott, one for Houki Shinonono and one for Rin.

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This new powered suit stands 2.25 meters and weighs only 25 Kg. It may not be able to fly and it may not have weapons (yet), but it certainly is intimidating. This new powered suit or exoskeleton can be bought for 12.5 million Yen which would be roughly about US$ 124,000. Yes, this can be yours for that price.

power-jacket-mk3-5 power-jacket-mk3-11 power-jacket-mk3-12 power-jacket-mk3-15

Getting inside the power suit is pretty easy, just open the canopy, settle down on the pilot’s seat, close the canopy and smile. This Carbon Fiber suit can run, walk and can even do delicate things like lifting an egg without breaking it. Scarface Santaro has even promised that this suit may even be useful in the kitchen as you will now be able to lift food without touching it thus not getting your hands burned in the process. It even has this feature:

power jacket Mk3

See, it can even make girls cuter!

The promotional video may have been presented in comedic fashion but Sagawa Electronics is pretty serious about making and selling them. Interested parties can inquire about the Power Jacket MK-3 through their official website.

(Ed’s note: This thing is real! Segawa Electronics plans to showcase a working prototype at the upcoming 2013 Wonder Festival (Summer) convention on July 28!)

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