Kyary Pamyu Pamyu continues to show up in appearances in commercials for a variety of goods, and this time with Glico’s Ice Fruits she is also making her way to mobile phones.

Kyary may have stumped fans when she released a preview of her new song Mi, but Glico provided the solution when she appeared alongside a group of dancers dressed fittingly like fruits. Coming from the same school Tempura Kidz graduated from, their dancing might seem very familiar. The commercial is below, and Kyary’s new character design that started the Mi infection can be seen below.

With the commercial out and Glico trying to promote the renewal of their ice fruit as much as possible, they have released a free app on Japan’s App Store for the iPhone and iPad. It features a Mi free talk feature, where Kyary will listen to your best mi-ing to the commercial’s song. There is a minigame for it as well, where you may even have to mi up to one hundred times as quickly as you can.


If seeing Kyary’s encouraging smile isn’t enough for you to run out and buy as many frozen fruit treats as possible, Glico is also holding a barcode collection lottery. When you send in three barcodes for an ice fruit and one of their other popular treats you are entered to win a special edition QUO card worth 3000 yen which 3000 people have a chance of winning. For five barcodes you can enter the lottery for a Mi dispenser, as seen in the commercial backgrounds, though the chances are smaller at only 300 people.


With a new character image introduced, will we be seeing more of the little Mi’s running about in her other videos in the future? Or are they just too weird? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments, or join in the discussion of whether everyone’s favorite harujuku girl’s songs are really all that great in the forums.

Source: Mantan Web


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