l'arcAfter just finishing their world tour last year, L’Arc~en~Ciel has undertaken yet another formidable project. Lead vocalist Hyde and bass player Tetsuya will contribute to a new album that celebrates the 25th anniversary of fellow rock band DEAD END.

DEAD END has quite a long history. Formed in Tokyo in 1984, DEAD END was one of the few Japanese rock bands to hit international success in the eighties. Many of the subsequent visual kei artists of the nineties owe their names in part to DEAD END’s influence. However, despite the phenomenal career, after a member left, DEAD END decided to disband in 1990.

Nearly twenty years later though, members Morrie, Crazy Cool Joe, and You decided to reunite and in 2009 released the album “Metamorphosis”. This was followed by “Dream Demon Analyzer” in 2012. At the end of last year, DEAD END also held a special concert to celebrate twenty-five years since their first major album debut. And now, over fifty artists will come together to participate in a continuation of the twenty-five year anniversary project.

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“V.A. / DEAD END Tribute Album” will be released September 4th, and will feature fifty artists covering the legendary band’s classic hits. And L’Arc~en~Ciel will be one of them! Not only will fifty artists cover new and old DEAD END songs in their own units, but they will also mix to create new combinations. That means that we get to see Tetsuya and Hyde perform with our other favorite rock artists!

As of right now, only Tetsuya and Hyde have been revealed, so that means there are 48 others that we do not know. To keep up to date and get excited for your favorites, don’t forget to check out this site.

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Source: http://avex.jp/deadendtribute/index.html


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