Asuna Yuuki is called many names; “The Flash”, the “Berserk Healer:, the “Sandwich Queen” and the “Ultimate Waifu”. Now, get ready for these new Asuna themed merchandise.

Cospa’s Asuna ball cap is completely reversible with one side sporting grey the Nerve Gear gaming system and the other sporting the lovely Asuna theme. This cap is 100% polyester and has a diameter of 48-50 cm and the size is adjustable. (For more stories on Sword Art Online here at SGCafe, click here)

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Cospa has also released this Asuna themed neck tie. This new neck tie bathed in the colors of Asuna’s guild, The Knights of Blood looks normal at first, but if you take a closer look at the tip…

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Feeling sleepy and ready to sleep? Link start with this Nerve Gear eye mask. On front is the Nerve Gear used by Kirito and the rest to enter the deadly game and at the back are the words “Sword Art Online Connected”. Like the Asuna cap, this eye mask is also reversible.

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Sources: Cospa and Yaraon


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