Just yesterday LUNA SEA’s official website updated with more details on the band’s newest album. Earlier this summer, we found out through a Japanese commercial that LUNA SEA was making a new song to be used in the iOS/android RPG game Master of Chaos (you can catch up on that article by yours truly here). 

Well, now we know that the song featured in Master of Chaos is titled “Thoughts”, which is also the name of the album. You can check out the cool cover art for Limited Edition Type A, Limited Edition Type B, and the Regular Edition below.

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luna1 luna2 luna3

The CD has two songs, “Thoughts” and “Lost World”. The Limited Edition Type A includes the CD, plus a blu-ray that includes the music video for “Thoughts”.  Limited Edition Type B includes the CD and a DVD with the music video. Type A costs 2,480 yen, and Type B costs 1,890 yen. The Regular edition, which is CD only, can be bought for 1,260 yen.

“Thoughts” will be released on August 28th, and will be played for the first time on RYUICHI’s regular radio program “K-POWERS NITE MAGIC”. After the success of LUNA SEA’s last project, “The End of the Dream”, how excited are you for “Thoughts”?

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