After the announcement earlier this month about the series, gaps are being filled in about the latest Gundam anime. Earlier in July, TV Tokyo announced the latest Gundam anime called Gundam Build Fighters. Similar to Danboru Fighters, it features a team of kids building GunPla and then fighting them. Previously we knew about the main character, Sei Iori and his partner Reiji. (Even more Gundam fun here on SGCafe) Now, two new characters have also been revealed, making their way to the promotional poster and website. (Ed’s note: The two characters were announced at the same time as the anime; we’re merely providing a little more information on these characters to follow up on our initial coverage of the Gundam Build Fighters announcement here.)


First, Tina Kosaka is the first female character revealed for the show. Her family runs the Kosaka restaurant, and is in her first year of middle school at Sei Otori Private School. Although she originally held no interest in Gunpla, after seeing Sei’s enthusiasm and his family shop she also decides to join in the battles. It is not known which Gunpla she pilots.


The second character, Tatsuya Yuuki, is a third year high school student at the same school as Tina. Incidentally, he is also the student council president and president of the model building club. With this double-whammy of authority, he’s an idol among the students of the school. Although the current world champion of Gundam Build Fights, he works under the pseudonym Renai Comet and pilots the red Zaku called Zaku Amazing.


The series premieres this October on TV Tokyo and promises every Gundam as well as a mash up of pre-existing models. Feed your GunPla appetite here at SGCafe! Feel free to join in the community discussions going on in the forums. Source: Yaraon!, Gundam Build Fighters Official Site


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