With her latest single titled ViViD released last Wednesday, July 24, popular J-pop artist May’n has announced on video that she is doing a collaboration with Konami’s popular line of rhythm games.


At the same day as the single’s release, her song also became playable on three of Konami’s arcade rhythm games, jubeat Saucer, GITADORA GuitarFreaks and GITADORA DrumMania arcade rhythm games. (For more on May’n here on SGCafe, click here)

jubeat Saucer has several touch panels which glow to match the music. Players have to hit the panel every time it lights up.

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GITADORA Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania meanwhile are just like any instrument-based rhythm game. GuitarFreaks has five neck buttons players have to press in perfect timing to match the song’s rhythm while DrumMania has seven “drums” and two foot pedals you have to hit in perfect timing with the rhythm by using the two drum sticks provided.

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Her 8th single ViViD is the opening song for the shounen anime Blood Lad which is currently airing in Japan. Blood Lad is based on the shounen manga of the same name by Yuuki Kodama and follows a powerful vampire named Staz and the human girl-turned ghost named Fuyumi and a host of other monsters and demons as they find a way to return Fuyumi back to life. Here is the anime’s opening, ViViD by May’n.


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