Just in time to match up with the batch of Monogatari shows coming out this summer, an art exhibit in Ikebukuro is aiming to give fans even more supernatural romance.

Opening in Sunshine City’s World Import Mart on August 29, the Araragi Pavillion will feature a host of artwork from the Monogatari series. It will not only feature original artwork from the series, but also commentary from the individual characters. (Get your fill of Monogatari here at SGCafe)


In addition to artwork, famous scenes from the novel and show will also be recreated, such as the starry sky and part of the cultural festival. Of course, a photography spot will also be set up for fans to remember their visit with.


For fans hoping for something a little less personal but still awesome to remember the event a special set of goods will also be offered. Just what goods will be available hasn’t been revealed just yet, but will most likely feature the promotional image in someway.


Tickets for the event are currently available for preorder starting at 800 yen for a standard ticket to a bundle ticket for 2800 yen. The price will rise at the door to 1000 yen for a standard and 3000 yen for a bundle. It will run until September 1 after opening and tickets can be ordered at Family Mart or ePlus.

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