To help promote the upcoming anime adaptation of the Neptunia games, the girls are teaming up with Akiba’s Go Go Curry! for a tasty experience.

Neptunia is building up a lot of anticipation for fans of the series, which features popular gaming consoles turned into fantastic moe girls. They have been going strong in their own game series for some time, and the popularity peeked enough to garnish an anime this summer (more on Neptunia at SGCafe here). To help make sure that as many people as possible not only know about the show, but get a healthy dose of moe in their diet, Akihabara’s Go Go Curry! is collaborating with the Planeptune girls starting July 7.


Go! Go! Curry may draw attention to those walking by it for the gorilla on the sign daring you to enter, but it is most famous for it’s katsu curry. Not only that, but they know how to draw in the otaku crowd at their Akiba location; Neptunia isn’t the first anime to collaborate. Cutie Honey and Nyarko-san have also promoted the curry rice chain.


As part of the collaboration, when you order the Roast Katsu Curry, you have the opportunity to receive a clearfile with the collaborative illustration on it. If you’ve ever wanted or needed Neptune and Nepgear offering you a plate of curry rice covering your school work, nows your chance. You’ll have to be fast, though, as only 555 are available.


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Source: News Dengeki


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