NicoNico Douga will be bringing back the Bals Festival again this year in an attempt to unite fans of Studio Ghibli across the world and set a new record. The Bals festival was first started in December 2011 when they streamed the thirteenth airing of Laputa as it ran on TV, and plan to do it again this year as it runs on a special Friday night Road Show on TV Tokyo. The reason TV Tokyo is showing it at all is to help promote the name of Ghibli’s number one producer: Toshio Suzuki. The reasons for the streaming will be more fully revealed during the stream itself, which will also look at the ‘secret story’ behind Laputa. (Love Ghibli? Read more here on SGCafe!)


The NicoNico Bals Festival is named after the magic words spoken by Pazu and Sheeta during the film’s climax, written as balse in the English versions of the film.



If you’re wondering just why they picked that part of film exactly, it goes back to the 2011 festival in December where NicoNico users took to Twitter to stream their comments so as not to crash the servers. They were also challenged to set a new world record of most tweets per second during this part of the film and succeeded with 25,088 tweets per second of the magic word. This year NicoNico is encouraging viewers to take to Twitter and 2chan to spread the word in an attempt to set another world record.


Although the film itself starts streaming at 9PM JST on August 2, the interview with Toshio Suzuki will be streamed at 8.30PM that evening, so feel free to join in when the time comes at the NicoNico channel here.

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