The open beta for Square Enix’s latest browser game and installment to the Kingdom Hearts series Kingdom Hearts Ki is now open.

It may be written with the Greek letter “chi”, but is pronounced “ki” as in “keyblade”, what your character will be using to try and restore light to a world where darkness has once again taken over. The title is a reference to past games, where the idea of the ki-blade was introduced. The open beta test will take the testers story wise through the opening movie, tutorial, and of course to the world map where they can fight the darkness.

Characters at the beginning are customizable and allow for a choice between male and female characters as well as choosing which house the player starts in. (Read more about Kingdom Hearts here at SGCafe).


Players who log-in between July 9 and July 18 will also receive a log-in bonus that will give them a gold ticket to exchange for an in game bonus. When the servers close for maintenance on August 8, players who reach level 20 will receive a special R+ Brave Mode Sora.


Some of  the other in game cards that players can obtain the Cheshire Cat, Cloud, Chicken Little and of course Donald and Goofy. Those who do enter the beta and complete a survey when it ends will receive a serial code redeemable in the Square Enix eStore for a download of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. The beta testing website can be accessed here, and can be played with a Yahoo Japan account.


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