For those who look forward to seeing the little sisters show off their best idol skills, OreImo Happy End is showing off even more of its new features.

Revealed at the beginning of June, OreImo Happy End promises interactions with Kirino, Kuroneko, Ayase, Kanako and Minami. Each of them has their own little quirks, and each promises their own interactive SNS (social network service) stream.

That SNS stream, though, will be what helps to level up the girls as well. All this has to do with how you, as Kyousuke, respond to his idol sister’s messages which will determine their future actions. You can either retort or praise them (“Sounds good!”)

By praising them properly, in the example of Kirino, you can raise parameters such as education, otaku, and little sister until they level up.

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Details about the photography portion of the game have also been revealed in more details. Not only will they get angry at you if you try to take an inappropriate photos, but you’re scored on several different parts of the photography. The pictures you take will be uploaded to the idols’ SNS board and saved to the PS3 for your own personal viewing.


The sections you will be graded on include: critical (taking the best possible shot of an idol), NG (no good shots), pose (capturing best pose possible that session), time (how well you spent your time during the photo shoot), and number of photos taken.


Of course, as you may know from the Kanako-based episodes of the anime, there are other characters surrounding Kyousuke during the times he acts as manager. For one, Bridget, the fellow Meruru cosplayer from Britain will appear in the game, as well as Kouhei Akagi, Kyousuke’s friend whose name he uses as an initial cover in front of Kanako.


The game also already has its own set of DLC announce, which is a special costume for the girls. The pack, called “My Little Sister Can’t Be Wearing a Y Shirt!” will feature each of the girls in a Y-style dress shirt for photography and will also trigger a mini event in the game.  The downloadable content will be available with pre-orders of the limited edition and discussion with the retailer about it.


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Source: News Dengeki


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