Last night, July 21, the voice cast for hit anime ‘Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai‘ took to the stage for an awesome live event filled with music, comedy and some great OreImo merchandise. The cast sang, danced and did a live reading event in front of a sold-out crowd in Maihama Amphitheater, near Tokyo Disneyland. Kana Hanazawa (Kuroneko), Yuuichi Nakamura (Kyousuke), Ayana Taketatsu (Kirino), Satomi Sato (Manami), Saori Hayamo (Ayase) and Hitomi Nabatame (Saori) were all present during the event to the delight of the crowd in attendance. (For more OreImo here on SGCafe, click here)


The event also featured some great OreImo merchandise from Ayase’s handcuffs and Kirino’s school bag to buttons, towels and T-shirts. Remember what happens whenever Kyousuke pays a visit to Ayase’s house? That’s right, he would get handcuffed by the OreImo‘s resident yandere. This Ayase handcuff comes with a picture of her “yandere face” which has certainly scared Kyousuke countless times. A smaller charm version of the handcuffs (also with her yandere face) are also available. The handcuffs cost 2500 yen while the charm/strap costs 800 yen.

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The event also sold other merchandise that were featured in the anime like Kirino’s school bag as well as her octopus cushion. The school bag retails for 5,900 yen while the cushion is [priced at 3,000 yen.

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Other merchandise include buttons which retail for 300 yen each, a special autographed replica drawing for a hefty(or worthy) 17,000 yen, a tapestry for 4,000 yen and several festival posters at 500 yen each. The autographed replica is signed by Kirino’s voice actress Ayana Taketatsu.

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Now, it won’t really be an event without some clothes being sold right? The special Kirino Hapi and head band priced at 6,000 yen, T-shirts at 3,000 yen each, muffler towels at 2,000 yen and the wristbands for 800 yen each.

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The even’t program guide sold during the event featured an interview with the anime’s voice cast, their photos as well as an exclusive interview with the light novel’s author, Tsukasa Fushimi.


Finally, the event also offered fans (500 yen, left), special Kuroneko steamed Manju buns (900 yen) and Festival lights (1,500 yen). The steamed manju box contains 9 steamed manjus and has two types; black and white. The festival light meanwhile can turn into seven different colors when pressed.

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