With the games releasing October 12 worldwide, the Pokemon anime will be trying to draw viewers in only five days later on October 17.

Ash (Satoshi) Ketchum will be setting off on a journey yet again this fall, this time in the new region exclusive to the X and Y games. He will start off in Luminose (Miare) City in the new Kalos region. Pikachu will also be joining him on his journey to become a Pokemon Master, a goal he has not abandoned since setting off from Pallet Town in 1997.

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In Japan, Kalos region Pokemon have already appeared within the anime, so by the time Ash reaches the region he should be familiar with a few of the Pokemon.


The one surprise we can look forward to is which starter he will pick. Here is a list of the past Pokemon he has been given or started each region with to get an idea of the variety:

Kanto: Pikachu
Johto: Chikorita
Hoenn: Treecko
Sinnoh: Turtwig
Unova: Oshawott


With a long history of grass Pokemon behind him and Chespin front and center in the promo, Ash’s next Pokemon could very well be Chespin.

Which one would you want to see Ash kick-off his next adventure with?

Source: Famitsu

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