Video game stores all over Tokyo as well as online retail giant Amazon have reported that Tecmo Koei’s monster hunting game ‘Toukiden‘ is now sold out.


The game which was released in Japan last June 27, 2013 started selling like hotcakes and officially became sold out on the very first day of July! Amazon has also reported that new stocks will arrive on July 5.

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With the trend of monster hunting games like Monster Hunter and God Eater becoming popular, it’s not very surprising that Toukiden will do good as well. Toukiden focuses on demon hunting and has a very Japanese feel to it as it borrows several elements from other Tecmo Koei games like Dynasty Warriors. Think of it as Monster Hunter with Japanese Sengoku-era motifs.


The game is also getting rave reviews on Amazon as the game averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on customer reviews with more than 100 people giving the game a the highest grade of 5 stars. The customers who commented on Amazon have praised the excellent graphics, clean gameplay, the character customization, the beautiful Japanese motifs and added that the game is fun and enjoyable.


You play a Mononofu which literally means a warrior. In the game, you will hunt Oni-like demons with a variety of weapons from Katanas to Kusarigamas (A sickle attached to a ball and chain) to Yumis (Japanese bows).


Toukiden is available for the PS Vita and PSP platforms and will be released for the rest of the world during the fourth quarter of 2013.The game is a a collaboration between Tecmo Koei and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ).

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Source: Inside Games Japan and Amazon Japan


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