The Sadako movie series is still going strong after several sequels, and this time it’s not just going 3D, it’s breaking through to the fourth dimension.

Smartphone users that love to be scared are in for a treat with the latest instalment to the Sadako films. If the series doesn’t sound too familiar to you, it was remade overseas as The Ring, with Sadako being the name of the wonderfully creepy little girl that crawls out of the TV after giving you a phone call.


Last summer a flash mob of Sadako’s strutted around Tokyo to promote 2012’s Sadako 3D. This summer, with Sadako 3D2 coming out, a promotion is going on in theatres. (For more on horror on SGCafe, click here).

sadako3dpromo copy

Users that download the free app and leave their phone on throughout the film will experience added effects to the already 3D film. This includes things like vibrating, flashing, and even the titular Sadako appearing on your smartphone screen. All of this ties into the previous installment to the film, where a character became trapped within a smartphone.


The film will be hitting theatres in Japan on August 30, though there’s no word yet on an international release or if it will also use the smartphone app. If it does, though, it could start a trend in 4D films for smartphone users, much the same way the WiiU set off the tablet integration trend.

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