With another batch of DLC announced before it’s release, OreImo Happy End is showing off even more love for it’s fans with a tiny addition.

OreImo Happy End doesn’t release until September 26, yet it’s giving fans as many reasons as possible to preorder the game. After announcing a special dress shirt costume for the little sisters, another pre-order DLC has been announced with more promised in the future. This time, Tsukasa Fushimi is collaborating to bring a one of a kind DLC: a 10 centimeter tall Kirino. (Read even more about OreImo Happy End here on SGCafe!)


The reason for this shrinking is partially so that fans can have fun, but also to act as a life consultation situation for the girls.


The DLC itself contains not only this particular episode, but four others as well. It is not yet known what the others will be, though it is hinted at with a silhouette and states “Advice on being a magical girl?!”


We may not know who Kirino will contract with to gain her magical girl status, but we do know that her character song has been revealed. It will be titled Morning Morning!! and can be heard in the game’s third promotional video below.

With so much DLC before the game is released, who knows what sort of treats the company has planned for when it’s released!

Read more about OreImo here on SGCafe!

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