It is pointless to ask you if you are a fan of Studio Ghibli, since Hayao Miyazaki alone probably has an entire legion of fans waiting on his every upcoming film. Don’t lie – we are all looking forward to Kaze ga Tachinu, no? Thus, a more appropriate question would be which Studio Ghibli film is your favorite: My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, or Kiki’s Delivery Service?

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Trick question, because you don’t have to choose. Studio Ghibli partnered up with Ojaga Design for a new series of themed leather goods. Ojaga Design is a Tokyo based company that makes handcrafted goods, just the type of care we would expect for such high quality. In business since 2001, Ojaga has helped make Studio Ghibli’s unique leather cases possible. Check out the designs below!

ghibli1 ghibli2 ghibli3 ghibli4All the cases retail at 10,290 yen (approx. SGD$140). A hefty price, but worth it since the cases will probably last a lifetime. Now here’s my new question: which case would you get? Totoro, Kiki, Robot, or Flying Stone? Personally, since Princess Mononoke is my favorite Ghibli film, I wish there was a case for it. But wouldn’t a Noh Face case from Spirited Away also be really awesome (if not a bit creepy)? Between these four choices though, I would have to go with Totoro. You just can’t beat that giant ball of cute.

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