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Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH), the division of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) that looks after the PlayStation brand in the Asian region, has set up a branch office right here in sunny Singapore.

The newly set-up branch, which has begun operations today, July 1, is said to be a hub for Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong’s (SCEH) presence in the South-east Asian region.

Led by branch manager Tomoyuki Haba, who joined the Sony Corporation in 2000 and subsequently served as as a division manager at Sony Thai in 2003, and Sony Vietnam since 2007, the newly-formed branch aims to expand the PlayStation business not just here in Singapore, but also in neighbouring countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam – all of which are rapidly growing markets for the gaming brand, according to SCEH.

Hiroyuki Oda, Deputy President of SCEJA“We are happy to have the Singapore Branch established today. We believe it will become an important base of the Asia market,” Hiroyuki Oda, Deputy President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, said of the new endeavour.

“Under the leadership of Tomoyuki Haba, Head of the Singapore Branch, PlayStation will continuously bring the best gaming experience to Singapore as well as South-east Asia gamers,” he continued.

Previously when we spoke to representatives of SCEH at the E3 games convention in Los Angeles on when we might be able to expect details on the PlayStation 4’s launch in Singapore and South-east Asia, we were told to keep our eyes peeled, and that we might be able to expect “good news”.

Now that there’s actually a Singapore branch of SCEH here serving Southeast Asian markets, the chances of the PS4 launching over here this year are that much stronger.

What do you think? If the PS4 comes out in your respective country (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines, or Vietnam) this holiday season, would you or your family purchase one?

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