With the public site up and fully operational, more details are now being revealed about the last Madoka Magica movie, including its story.

The final installation to the Madoka Magica movie trilogy, Madoka Magica: Rebellion Story, is set to hit theaters in Japan on October 26. The story will be entirely new and continue from the series, and now it’s finally been revealed what the story of the movie will be (Read more about Madoka Magica on SGCafe here).


According to the story it will focus on Homura’s continued efforts to save Madoka, who  continuously suffered through terrible consequences for the contract she made with Kyubey. As Homura puts it “My dream is to be able to meet that person dear to me, and see her smiling face.”


A 30 second trailer accompanied the reveal of the story. Some of it rehashes what was seen in a previous trailer, but also promises a new “realm” after Madoka’s comforting of Homura.

With Madoka and the other magical girls featuring prominently, and Homura threatening suicide to meet Madoka, who knows what else the story has in store based off her determination. Promising love and sadness, the last movie is promising to leave fans in tears.

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