If Mazinger Z turning forty made you feel a little old, don’t worry because a new series in 2014 will be breathing new life into the series in a strange way. Super Robot Girls Z may not be making its way on air until January 2014, but it’s already giving fans a taste of what’s to come with a four minute preview on YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. The preview, which parodies the first episode of Mazinger Z features the first mechanical beasts in cute moe forms stealing from a ramen shop under Baron Ashura’s command. After Mazinger Z (Zed-chan) shows up and starts to lie the smack down, her super robot companions from the same trilogy Great Mazinger (Gre-chan) and Grendizer (Grenda-san) show up and the villains find themselves in more trouble than they can handle. (More on Toei here on SGCafe)

Toei will be airing the show on their own Toei Channel come this January, though it won’t be a full length show. Instead it will follow the recent trend of shorts, with each episode running at ten minutes each. It’s being supervised by Accel World’s Hiroshi Ikehata, with character design being handled by OreImo’s Tetsuya Kawakami. The voice actors for the three Super Robot girls has also been announced. They include Mariko Honda (Nichijou’s Yuuko) as Z-chan, Inori Minase (Occult Academy’s Akari) as Gre-chan and Kazusa Aranami (Penguindrum’s Mario) as Grenda-san.


So far, not much else has been announced on the public site, but they will be making an appearance at booth 321 in this summer’s Comiket with Star Plus One.


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Source: Man-tan Web, Yaraon!


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