The manga that takes the idea of food and hunting and combines them into one crazy adventure is offering a new unique taste at Sukiya.

For those unfamiliar with Sukiya, it’s a fastfood chain in Japan that’s as prominent as McDonald’s; almost every town has one or two. They specialize in serving gyuudon, a bowl of rice served with beef on top. That makes it the perfect place for Toriko, with its own fantastic meals, to appear at.

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The special themed bowl for Toriko will be an Okinomi Ushitama Don, a bowl that combines the taste of okinomiyaki and beef, something that usually does not go in the Kansai specialty dish. To match the taste as closely as possible, though, it will include some of the standard ingredients that go into the savory pancake dish. That means, cabbage, okinomiyaki sauce (listed as special sauce), and of course mayonaise, dried bonito flakes and seaweed flakes. Taking care to fully appeal to the usual Sukiya crowd, it is served with a raw egg on top.


For those purchasing the dish as part of the campaign, they will be rewarded with a chance to win a mini-size version bowl featuring Toriko. Only 5,000 people will win the bowl, which costs 390 yen for the normal size, and only between August 1 and August 8 when the campaign runs.

This isn’t the first time Sukiya has teamed up with anime or manga characters to offer a specially themed bowl. Crayon Shin-chan previously appeared in a campaign with a yakisoba themed bowl, and most fittingly with Kin Nikkuman for an especially hearty beef bowl.


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