From the looks of things, a certain Japanese town in Tottori prefecture will be having a major tourism boom.



Remember when we wrote about a certain town being linked to Kyoto Animation’s swimming anime ‘Free!‘? Well, that town now offers fans tourism based on the anime about muscular boys on swimming trunks. Yes, Iwami town on Tottori prefecture may soon be flocked by legions of fan girls (and some fan boys) because of this. (For more Free! here on SGCafe, click here)

According to the town’s official blog, they are now in collaboration with the animation studio responsible for ‘Free!‘, Kyoto Animation and is planning to do a cross promotional event with them in the future. The blog also uploaded a couple of images from the town that were featured in the third episode of ‘Free!‘.

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Iwami is known for being a fishing town and is ideal for an anime with a great affinity with water. The town is known for its seafood (especially squid), rice cakes and hot springs and has gained some notoriety thanks to ‘Free!‘. It is just a 30 minute train ride from the prefecture’s capital, Tottori City.

This new development is already following a new trend in anime tourism as towns like Oarai town in Ibaraki prefecture and Chichibu City in Saitama have experienced a boom in their tourism after anime like Girls und Panzer (for Oarai) and AnoHana (for Chichibu) have started airing.

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From Iwami town official blog


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