Get ready to roll around the floor while laughing out loud as the very first trailer for the live-action version of the popular comedy anime, The Daily Lives of High School Boys.

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The trailer features the theme song Maji Kansha by Team Shachihoko and gets us a glimpse as to what to expect… which would usually be Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake in a very embarrassing situation. (For more Live Action versions of your favorite anime, manga and video games here on SGCafe, click here)

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The trailer also introduces a new original character named Saino (played by Rui Kurihara) and the movie’s story line which follows a jointly-organized School Festival by our favorite All-Boys High School and a neighboring All-Girls High School.


Masaki Suda (Kamen Rider Double from ‘OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let’s Go Kamen Riders’) will be playing the “forgettable” Tadakuni, Shuuhei Nomura (Suzu Kitamura from ‘Shinsengumi: Peacemaker‘ )will be playing Yoshitake and Ryou Yoshizawa (Kamen Rider Meteor from Kamen Rider Fourze) will be portraying Hidenori. The film will be directed by ‘Afro Tanaka’ director Daigo Matsui.

The movie will hit Japanese theaters on October 12. The cast also includes Kumiko Shiratori, Sara Takatsuki, Yui Koike, Eita Okuno, Anri Okamoto, Mizuki Yamamoto, Mio Uema and more.

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