With all this Free! mania all over the place, it’s really difficult to ignore this anime about male swimmers with rock hard abs.


Yes, the anime is really hard to ignore since social media sites like tumblr and facebook have been bombarded with images and screenshots (as well as legions of screaming and nose bleeding  fan girls… and boys) of the premiere episode of Kyoto Animation’s sports anime. Free! is everywhere on the internet right now, but what about this certain town in Japan called Iwami where you can say that it’s literally everywhere?

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Several pictures have surfaced from Iwami town in Tottori prefecture, Japan showing several scenes from the anime as well as several images from the town itself. Both look VERY familiar, don’t you think?










Looks like the people over at Kyoto Animation have painstakingly captured Iwami town’s beauty with such wonderful detail (yes fan girls, I know that’s not the only thing they captured in detail).

Iwami town is a small fishing town in Tottori prefecture known for its seafood, rice patties and hot springs. The town is a 30-minute train ride from Tottori city and it’s main source of income is squid fishing as well as the tourism generated from their well-renowned hot springs. From the looks of things, this town is also going to be known for something else too.

Well, it’s already official, Free! Mania has begun!

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