After hoard and sky battles were shown off behind closed doors during E3, Nintendo showed off some of the new battle features of their latest Pokemon game in public during the World Hobby Fair Summer 2013.

At the Makuhari Messe hall in Chiba prefecture over the weekend, the World Hobby Fair Summer 2013 was in full swing, and Nintendo was there to promote the latest installment to the Pokemon series. The booth, which will be open until July 13, was also giving away a specially themed level 100 Mewtwo from the upcoming Extremespeed Genesect movie. As with most events, they even had a Pokemon themed car showing off all the eeveelutions.


The real excitement came from the CoroCoro booth which was there to focus on the X and Y games. One of the main features they showed off was the new moves that would be brought to the game. Specifically it looked at some classic moves that are returning to the new games through a set of team battles. Team A featured Noivern, Lapras, Hydreigon and Spewpa while Team B was Lucario, Talonflame, Charizard and Litleo.


Noivern and Lapras provided a heavy attack assault, with the new bat Pokemon showing off the move dragon pulse and Lapras utilizing it’s signature ice beam. Hydreigon also learned a new move: fire blast, something this dragon-type was unable to learn before. To buffer their defense, Spewpa provided a boost against the fire-types of Team B with protect.


Litleo and Charizard showed off the classic moves flamethrower and dragon claw. Of course, Litleo was also able to use his signature move noble roar to lower the enemies defense, lending some strategy to the battle. Talonflame heightened things farther by bringing in the move Flame Charge, a move that heightens it’s already high speed stat. Lucario brought even more speed to the team with the move Extremespeed, giving Team B quite a speed advantage.


More Pokemon game news should be making it’s way public soon, as the Pokemon  Company announced on Facebook that Mr. Masuda, the director of Gamefreak infamous for his Masuda method of obtaining shiny Pokemon. But just what could he be announcing to fans this time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Source: Famitsu


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