collab1In Tokyo earlier yesterday at their establishment party, Wargaming Japan announced that one of its free-to-play titles, World of Tanks, will officially launch on September 5th within the country.

World of Tanks is an award-winning game that even holds a world record for having the most players online on one MMO server. With nearly two-hundred and fifty armored truck and tank models to choose from – each historically based off of the models of different countries – you can build your army and face off against other players. Whoever thinks that you have to pay for anything decent clearly hasn’t played World of Tanks. 

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Among the packed party, the crowd included representatives from Belarus and Wargaming representative director Kawashima Yasuhiro. But perhaps the greatest news came from Bandai Visual’s Kiyoshi Sugiyama, who revealed a dream collaboration between World of Tanks with the extremely popular anime Girls und Panzer. 


While no concrete details concerning the collaboration was revealed, we can rest assured that no matter what Wargaming comes up with, it will be amazing.

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