With Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film Kaze Tachinu (“The Wind Rises”) coming to Japanese theaters this Saturday, EMI Records decided to stream the music video for the movie’s theme song just in time. Titled “Hikouki Gumo”, or “Airplane Cloud”, the video not only reveals bits and pieces of the movie, but also allows you a glimpse into the mysterious Ghibli Museum. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting this museum before, you’ll remember that no pictures or videos can be taken within the walls of the museum.

“Hikouki Gumo” is sung by Yumi Matsutoya, who apparently wrote the song when she was only sixteen. She explains that “songs that have a lot of feelings in them can connect to people’s hearts, and riding on those feelings, people can fly, sweeping across the sky”.

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You might better know Yumi Matsutoya under her maiden name, Yumi Arai. She performed the theme songs “Rouge no Dengon” and “Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta Nara” for another Miyazaki film, Kiki’s Delivery Service. The latter song is also the opening theme for Tamayura, although that particular version is covered by fellow talent Maaya Sakamoto.


On July 31, a limited edition “Hikouki Gumo” album will come out in commemoration of Yumi Matsutoya’s 14th year in the music industry. The first limited edition includes eleven songs, the music video, a creative video remix that compares Yumi Matsutoya now and Yumi Arai then, and a 12 inch art book by Miyazaki. On August 14, a second limited edition will arrive that includes the CD, DVD, art book plus an LP vinyl record. No matter which version you buy though, everyone gets an original file folder.

Has “Hikouki Gumo” gotten you excited for the movie? Watch Kaze Tachinu and let us know if it stands up to Ghibli and Miyazaki standards!

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