Aliens known as Wulgaru are attacking Earth and they have us on the ropes with their superior technology. Luckily, the more highly advanced MJP or Majestic Prince project is here to stop them.


At the Comiket 84 doujinshi fair in Odaiba, booth no. 313 is selling something that will surely grab the eyes of any mecha fan or collector. It’s a 2.2 meter tall ASHMBE-005 or more commonly known as the Red 5, piloted by aspiring manga artist and ace pilot Izuru Hitachi, leader of team Rabbits.

To transport the Red 5 plastic model to Tokyo Big Sight, a two-ton truck was needed to haul the thing. If bought, the buyer will be the one to shoulder the expenses on taking this massive PlaMo home.

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This 1/6.5 scale model will only cost you a measly 3,250,000 yen (appx. US$33,735) and it is sculpted in such fine detail. You can surely fight them Wulgaru with this baby. With day 2 now in the wraps and the final day still ongoing, this monster of a plastic model is still yet to be purchased by anyone. Come on people! The Earth needs defending!

If that wasn’t enough for you, cosplayers dressed as Tamaki (pilot of Rose 3), Kei (pilot of Purple 2) and their hot commander, Rin are on site to help sell this bad boy.

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Come on guys, it’s only 3,250,000 yen. Can you say no to this face?


If this figure will not be sold by today, this 2.2 meter Red 5 will be used for PR purposes. Because even though the PlaMo failed to sell, it has certainly not failed to make an impression.

Suppose you had US$33,735 to burn (plus spare change for transporting costs), would you buy it?

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From Mynavi news and images from Animate


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