With the second season of the show announced to be starting in October, of course the arcade game has to update itself as well, but not until 2014, and not without a special collaboration with a real life idol.

Fans of arcade game Data Carddass Aikatsu will have to wait a few months after the anime premieres to enjoy new characters and songs, as its release date isn’t until next year. To help promote the second series, AKB48 member Haruka Shimazaki will come on board. She was chosen to help promote the game and appear in commercials due to her appeal to elementary school girls.


Originally released by Bandai in 2012, the arcade game uses data cards to allow players to customize their idol’s looks.

Similar to Gyrozetter or the Kamen Rider arcade games, the cards have a QR-based code on them to make each unique to their respective machines and games. Aikatsu, however, specifically targets younger girls to play instead of the usual male demographic that heads to the arcade and toy store fronts.

The overall idea of it isn’t something new though, as it’s essentially an idol production game where you choose a girl and dress her up before playing a brief rhythm game section.


The 2014 game will not only feature new songs, but also new girls from rival school Dream Academy to take on the first season’s idol group STAR ANIS. Because of the new characters and rivals, the changing sequence will also change to match the anime’s “Constellation” and be called “Constellation Dress” in the game.



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