Without a doubt, the Monogatari series second season is currently one of the hottest anime this season and a lot of big name stores are collaborating with the anime.


Tora no Ana, Tsutaya, Tower Records, HMV, Animate and Gamers are all collaborating with the series with at least one of the main girls from the anime representing each store. Several ads for the collaboration have been spotted  around the train stations for Shinjuku, Shibuya and Akihabara. This promo period started yesterday, August 26 and will last until September 1.







This is all to promote the release of the Volume 1 DVD/Blu-rays for the anime. Each store will be providing their own promos for BDVD/ Blu-Ray release. Tora no Ana, Animate and Gamers will be giving away Monogatari posters while HMV and Tower Records will be giving away 300 yen discount coupons featuring a Monogatari heroine.

animate gamers toranoanahmv  tower


The Volume 1 DVDs and Blu-Rays will be released on October 23 and will cost 8,400 yen for the Blu-Ray and 7,350 yen for the DVDs. Volume 1 will be containing the first 3 episodes of Nekomonogatari Shiro.

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via Monogatari official website and Animate


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