Summer has been blazing hot and a certain anime about swimming is proving that it’s really a perfect fit for such a hot season.

With Free! still red hot and fans still talking about it, there is no doubt that Free! mania is still running wild, that’s why anime merchandise retail giant Animate has conducted a character poll on their stores, with each store yielding a different result. One peculiar thing came up however, is that one character always stood out. He took first place in three stores and without a doubt, now stands as the series’ most popular character. Can you guess who he is? Here are the results of Animate’s Free!

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character poll on three of their stores:

5-Nagisa Hazuki -822 votes

4- Rei Ryuugasaki- 688 votes

3- Haruka Nanase- 617 votes

2- Rin Matsuoka – 532 votes

1- Makoto Tachibana-515 votes


5-Nagisa Hazuki- 368 votes

4-  Rei Ryuugasaki- 294 votes

3- Haruka Nanase-264 votes

2- Rin Matsuoka -240 votes

1- Makoto Tachibana-208 votes


5- Rei Ryuugasaki- 127 v0tes

4- Hazuki Nagisa- 143 votes

3- Matsuoka Rin- 181 votes

2- Haruka Nanase- 266 votes

1- Makoto Tachibana- 286 votes


Speaking of summer, the season also means that it is almost time for Comic Market 84 or Comiket 84 and it is only fitting for one of the hottest anime of the summer take part in one of its most highly anticipated events. That’s right, official Free! merchandise will go on sale during Comiket 84!  (For more anime, manga and Japanese video game merchandise here on SGCafe, click here)


The first item is a set of Free! character straps. It comes with a two-fold mirror and a Free! summer pouch. These items come as a set and will be sold for 5,000 yen a set.


The next set comes with a Free! microfibre towel featuring Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, Haruka and Rin as well as a Free! tote bag and five buttons, each with an image of a Free! character. This set also costs 5,000 yen.


These items will be available during Comiket 84 which will be held from August 10-12 at the world-famous Tokyo Big Sight. These goods will be sold on the 4th floor.

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