Today was the birthday of Ritsu Tainaka from K-On! So we’re capping off the day’s news with a quick look at how anime fans celebrated the occasion.

First up: Ritsu Tainaka birthday character goods you can buy from the TBS store.

ritsu 01 ritsu 02 ritsu 03 ritsu 04


One anime fan drew this abstract of what Ricchan might have looked like when she was a child – with the rest of the K-On! girls depicted as her pets.

ritsu 05

Another fan put together this birthday celebration for Ricchan using items that were showcased at the Wonder Festival earlier this year.

ritsu 06

This anime fan had dinner with Ritsu and her friends.

ritsu 07

One particularly creative fan made a stained glass with Ricchan’s likeness on it (well, he made two), and watched the fireworks with her.

ritsu 08 ritsu 09 ritsu 10 ritsu 11 ritsu 12

There were also some fans who made special character goods for the occasion. One particularly skilled fan made this Ricchan cushion, which he calls “yuttaricchan cushion” (relaxed Ricchan cushion).

ritsu 13

More Ricchan goods showcases:

ritsu 14 ritsu 15 ritsu 16

A cake!

ritsu 17

And an army of Ricchans!

ritsu 18 ritsu 19

Ricchan room!

ritsu 20 ritsu 21 ritsu 22

One fan went on an expedition with several Ricchan goods – including a flag!

ritsu 23 ritsu 24 ritsu 25 ritsu 26 ritsu 27

More cakes!

ritsu 28

Let’s eat cake, everyone! That’s what the Light Music Club does, right?

ritsu 29

Ricchan = Ritz?

ritsu 30


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